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Hello and welcome I'm Nina Fowles an independent distributor of BeepXtra, launched November 2013.

I would like to invite YOU to join a world wide team that’s making history.

Why you need a Beep Card!

Customers can go for a haircut into a Beepxtra shop, pay full price but they have cash back discount loaded on their card. They can then go into any other Beepxtra shop or business around The World, in person or online, and use the cash on their account to come off the price of their next purchase.

Beepxtra is free to join for individuals and free to join for shops and businesses. The cards are free, each new business is allocated cards to get them started and they are replenished as necessary. The only cost to a business is A ONE OFF INTEGRATION FEE from one of three options we provide. When a business becomes integrated into the BeepXtra system they are put on the BeepXtra Map! So when a potential customer is looking for your products or services the online system directs them straight to your door! There is no other system that coordinates all these different services like BeepXtra!
The choice is yours - just get a card or treat this as a business opportunity!

Free Signup - Contact Me Now!

The Beep Loyalty Club Cards project, designed and engineered by the BeepXtra Team of developers and marketers. It is a conceptual exploration of potential applications of a global community driven loyalty card.

Cash back discount loaded on your card

To streamline the future of Loyalty Club Card schemes we have to consider some of the current retail needs, finance stress of small to medium retailers, as well as the flexibility demanded
by large retail stores applied through transactional technologies. This means that Beep Cards combine the hardware and software that is interchangeable and learns from use, which changes over time, that degrades retail costs gracefully and that works naturally through existing business processes of any retailer.
In short, imagine a Loyalty Card that is free, adapts to your use patterns over time, and gives you exactly the features and benefits needed for your clients, as well as expanding your reach to a global scale Club Card!

A New Global Phrase…Do you take Beep Cards Here?

All businesses working with Beepxtra will be found by customers that are actually looking for what their business offers.

  • Beepxtra has a CUSTOMIZED search service that is global or local to suit the purchaser's requirements at each precise moment in time.

  • ONLINE TRADITIONAL SEARCH ENGINES WHERE USERS SEARCH FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE SUCH AS "WHICH SCHOOL HAVE THE BEST RESULTS", Beepxtra has a geographically targeted product search facility. If a Beepxtra client has a smart phone and they search whilst walking, where the nearest product or business is and they wish to be taken there, the Beepxtra system will convert to GPS mapping to literally walk customers through business owner's doors.

  • Businesses will therefore be found by our millions of customers who are actually looking for what each business offers.

  • From start to finish Beepxtra is a targeted local and global product and services search service, this with great discounts is what we offer and it is very powerful for business owners, and it's Free!
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why Do I Need A BeepXtra Card

Why do I need a BeepXtra card?

1. It is FREE to join.
2. BeepXtra is Global

These two reasons alone are enough. I remember when Barclay card was first introduced, so many people, my father included, said; 'no it'll never work, you'll never know where you are using plastic, it's only for the wealthy.' 

WELL THEY WERE WRONG! Just look in your purse/wallet and count how many credit, debit and loyalty cards you have.

Joining BeepXtra makes good sense for the individual and businesses.

BeepXtra offers online shopping cash back discounts and offline shopping cashback discounts whenever you use an integrated store or business. While you the customer saves money the shop or business that gave you the card and signed you up into their BeepXtra system they make money every time one of their cards is used.

Why everybody needs a BeepXtra card. : Home Business Blogs Thu, 24 Apr 2014 20:28:14 GMT
What is Beepxtra. Beepxtra is a combination of many existing great concepts but merged together into a powerful Global wave. Before we begin with the detail it is important not to lose the two key ingredients; Beepxtra is free ...

Watch the video and contact me for your FREE invitation to join this fast growing global business.